About Us

Our History:

Organized archery in Daytona traces it’s history back to the mid 1950’s. A group of shooters would meet every Tuesday night and shoot into hay bales in an orange grove that was next to the Red and White grocery store in Holly Hill.  The grove is no longer there, but the building where the store was is still standing and in use. 

The original actual archery range was located near where the Embry Riddle soccer fields are today. It had to be moved several times over the years.  Some of the locations include the Tarragona area, down from the coquina arches on US-92, to some lakes (which are no longer there) behind the K-Mart across from Halifax Health. The club’s name by then was the Lost Lake Archers. Later on in the early 1960’s, the club  Daytona Beach Archers was formed and they would hold target type shoots at night under lights on City Island. They also held a big tournament in 1976 to celebrate the Bicentennial in the infield of the Daytona Speedway.

There was a shop that had indoor shooting lanes in South Daytona in the Sunshine Mall in early 1970’s. From there, another club formed called the Volusia Bowhunter who built a field range in the Tomoka Park area.  The club had to relocate several years later and moved to behind the Daytona Airport. It was there for several years then had to move again but still behind the airport.

The Volusia Bowhunters and Daytona Beach Archers merged to form one club, named The Daytona Archers. The Daytona Archers range is still located behind the airport on the Bellevue Ave. Extension.

We are proud to offer:

- One animal range set up all the time with 15 - 3D targets

- 14 standard target butts to practice NFAA Field and FITA distances.

- 5 centralized practice range target butts with marked distances, from 10 to 50 yards, next to our assembly area. Plus we have one long target set out to 65 yards.

- Hunting is not permitted on any portion of the Daytona Archers facilities, nor shall anyone shoot any live animal or bird for sport or target practice.

- Members are responsible for closing and locking the club’s access gate when they are the last person to leave the facilities, regardless of the time of day.

Shoot time: Dawn 'till Dusk, 7 days a week.

Daytona Archers does not offer lessons or provide equipment. Our club is for folks who already have their own equipment and are looking to join on a yearly basis.


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