Aim True with Daytona Archers, Inc.!

A Family-Oriented Archery Club in the Daytona Area

At Daytona Archers everyone is welcome—whether you’re a novice just beginning to get into the sport—or an avid archer or bow hunter looking for a like-minded, family-oriented club to practice with, compete with, and share in a passion for all things archery.

“Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.”
– Fred Bear (American Bow Hunter, Author)

Practice Your Aim
We offer a 50+-acre archery practice range, with both 3-D animal targets and circle targets. Club members enjoy shooting and practicing from dawn-to-dusk, 7 days a week. As a member of Daytona Archers you can work on your accuracy, your range (or both!) with various target sets, varying in distance from 10-65 yards.

Join the Club
The sport of archery promotes physical, mental and personal strength through the development of accuracy, distance, and the mental focus required to master this quiet, determined skill. Apply to become a member of Daytona Archers today!

We host many shoots and contests throughout the year that are open to all. Check out our schedule for more information.



3D Circuit Championship

June 24th, 2023

MORE INFO: (305) 394-7639
                       (352) 223-6678


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